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Sustainability, that's what we build for you.

Each year water prices go up, and rainwater goes down the drain. Now we can capture that water for your own garden use.


Hello I'm Thomas Cole, I've been a licensed general contractor for over 40 years, 15 years in Montecito.  Many of those years were spent designing and installing water systems, french drains, storage systems and dewatering systems.


Now water has become valuable!!   So to create a more sustainable environment on our coast, I've been creating stormwater capture systems for government and also for local properties. (You can see the giant government projects on other tabs above.)


We can design and install a rain water capture system for your garden or farm. You can choose if you want a storage tank to save rainwater for a few weeks, or have a system that just adds water to your garden areas when it rains. Either way your saving water and energy.


If you have 4,000 square foot of roof or driveway, it will produce 2,400 gallons of pure water from one inch of rain. Just watch the videos we have below for a look at how these systems work.


 Many systems are in the $4,000 to $6,000 range. Tank storage adds more cost, but it does help to save water for several weeks after a rain, and then release that stored water to your garden.


A thousand gallon tank installation with a collection sump, a pump and release pipes can typically run around $7,500, depending on the  terrain, area watered, location of the elements , sump, tank, garden, collection downspouts...


We use tried and true contractor methods, to ensure your system is full proof, productive and easy to use, and with full permits for all electrical work. We include a dedicated exit drain so collected water always has a suitable place to go if the power is out.


So.. with a 4,000 square foot roof or driveway, and  an average rain year of 17"  that will create for you....  

4,000sq ft  x  (600 gals per 1,000 sqft)  x  17" rain per year = 40,800 gallons per year of saved water.  

If we use that saved water to replace purchased water at 5 cents per gallon, you save...  


40,800  gallons X  5 cents =  $2,040. That's real money, every year. 

Plus rainwater in known to be much better for gardens, no chlorine, no salts, no minerals... plants like it.

So please give me a call and my son and I will meet with you, find out what you want for rainwater savings, survey your property  and create a plan for you. We do all our own work so there are no worries.

Fully insured for $2 million liability, bonded and licensed in California.


Thomas M Cole    CA Lic # 502504

Video - Rainwater Capture

This garden area is irrigated with sustainable rainwater 8 months a year.

Sustaianble rain water capture

Here we've installed 2 " PVC pipes with holes drilled to place pumped rainwater into a garden area. The pipes are painted green to blend in and are somewhat buried. Rainwater capture is a sustainable practice that will make lush gardens a new possibility.

2" dribble pipes make for rainwater sustainability

A close up of the 2" drain pipes that carry and disperse rainwater into a garden. This method creates sustainable flood of free, local , non chlorinated water on your land, at your disposal.

Sump pump moves water from the sump tank to gareden areas.

Here's a sump buried in the plants, and 2" PVC pipes that take rainwater out of the sump pump, and carry water to areas through out your garden. Hand turned valves are used to direct water where you want it, when you want it.

Here we are installing a deluge pipe system across a terraced garden. Several hand cranked valves adjust the flow to each section, so you can adjust how much water goes where.

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