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Fairview Gardens Farm- 44 Acre Feet / Year Stormwater Capture Plan

Capturing Stormwater for Farms, Parks, Groundwater Recharge

This plan utilizes an existing drainage channel and captures 44 acre feet per year for farming use. The channel drains from Encina drainage area and through several hundred acres of residential neighborhoods in upper Goleta, CA.

This system will gather aproxamately 1.16 AF per 24 hours during a one inch rain event. That's 378,432 gallons pumped onto the farm itself and 20,000 gallons saved in two onsite tanks for later use.  

This method will increase the farms actual water received to around 30" per year. This is the sum from the 44 acre feet  of captured runoff added each year (12") to the average rainfall of 17".  

Plans forstormwater capture, water recycling for organic farm
Stormwater Capture Calculations
Farm use of stormwater capture system
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