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Greetings Cole Design Montecito readers.

Recent Sept 2016 meetings at City Parks Department with Parks Director Jill Zachary PHD and CFO Mark Sewell have yielded a big fat zero.

Below is the concept design that we are working from. Runoff from above the park runs past the N/W corner and is gathered into a metal cube for diversion and then to a sump. From the sump water is pumped to irrigate the park or flood the lake. This project will generally test the waters of urban rain gathering, which is taking hold in cities like Santa Monica and Los Angeles, where large scale urban water recycling projects are a reality.

Press the PDF button for the Full plan...


Phase 2 involves a 250,000 cistern, 40' X40' and mostly underground set into the north end of the park. This will supply water for all summer and will completely irrigate the Lake and both parks, without imported, clorinated water. 

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