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Automated Wildfire Suppression System 

by Cole Design Montecito

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Side view of mechanical shed which is adjacent the 5,000 gallon steel fire tank. Rechargeable batteries are to start the generator and to maintain the temperature sensing equipment. This generator has a cell/wifi alert and status feature, keeping you and the fire dept informed.

Patented Electrical Design...

Overhead view of typical system function. (10) sprayers surround structure and grounds with 75' wide spray pattern. Overlapping and completely saturating the grounds, roof and walls of structure with 5,000 gallons over 17 minutes of more, depending on tank storage.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 9.51.42 AM.png

 5,000 gallon fire tank is Cal Fire approved. All steel, with an outlet for fire dept. use. This size is the easiest to instal permit wise. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 9.56.59 PM.png

We use the D65 Rainbird to spray 300 gallons per minute out of 10 emitters. That's 2 quarts per second per emitter. The video below demonstrates the effectiveness of these sprayers.

We use the Rainbird D65 which puts out

16 gallons per minute @ 80 PSI

Here is one at 40 PSI. 

Our system uses (10) D65 emitters set out 35' from the protected residence. The coverage of each emitter is 75' wide and so the system creates a curtain of water across the property, extinguishing burning embers, dousing flames and cooling the residence' windows, walls and roof against any thermal build up.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 9.54.43 PM.png

Our system uses The Protectowire product, used around the world to sense high temperatures anywhere along the wire.

We typically place this sensing wire at the perimeter of the

property. The moment a gust of fire driven air hits the wire, at 140˚, the wire shorts out and initiates the deluge process, This wire can run thousands of feet around the perimeter and also around the evevs of the residence. 

This is the controlling unit we use. It's cal-fire approved, made and developed in the USA and is used through out the world in conjunction with the fire wire product to initiate deluge systems in mines, refineries, ship yards and now to protect and preserve your residence.

This is the generating unit we use. It's cal-fire approved, made and developed in the USA and is used through out the nation to provide back up power when the grid goes down. We use this 30 KW unit to power a 15 HP electric water pump that creates the 300 GPM deluge when a wildfire strikes. This fine generator also provides cell phone notification and alarms sent to residence and to local fire depts.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 9.54.26 PM.png

Here are some technical points for review in a linear setup. In this configuration, the system is set up to create a fire block across a canyon or to protect a neighborhood from a wall of wind borne flames. Several of these systems set across a semi rural area can block a wind driven fire from decimating a community.

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