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Mission Statement
"Wildfire Suppression- Urban and rural development has greatly increased wildfire dangers in the Wild-land Urban Interface. When wildfires strike with 50 knot winds, community fire services are overwhelmed and are helpless to prevent losses. Our automated equipment designs and installations stand ready day and night, off the grid and on line to instantly react and deluge protected areas saving buildings and saving lives.
Our systems do not touch public utilities, water or electrical and run on their own generators and water supply,  and even the water supply is gathered from downspouts and stored for summer use. Our generators are all wifi and cell phone enabled and also double as back up power for the residences they serve.

Stormwater Capture- Creeks in these newly built up rural hillside areas are overburdened by the great increase of impermeable surfaces like roads, rooftops and driveways. The resultant overflows are destroying fish habitat and eroding creek beds while depriving groundwater recharge. So as groundwater levels drop, these creeks fail to run through summer months thus harming fish and local wildlife." 

"This flooding can be alleviated by capturing part of each rain event and storing stormwater for later transport and release back into the river corridor. By pumping this water back upstream along the creek banks or bike paths, we can irrigate nearby creek adjacent parks and farms, recharging groundwater basins and create sustainable ecosystems." 

"Using and saving this previously lost water, cuts energy use, CO2 production, eliminates chlorine and other toxics in the aquifer and thus enhances river corridors for fish and wildlife while recharging aquifers." 

                Wildfire Suppression System
Points of interest....
*Total off the grid wild fire suppression systems.
*Generators available for back up power.

*Water supplied via downspout collection.
* Zero utility use - No connection to any utilities.

* Cell phone notification of fire danger/deluge activated.
*Residence alarms, FD & cell notification. 

Stormwater Capture Systems

*Capture flood runoff waters at creek locations.

*Store water temporarily in small local reservoirs.
*Pump stored water up bike-path and creek corridor right of way.

*Irrigate local parks, farms, golf courses, schools. 
*Irrigate using proprietary 2" PVC pipe system with 1/2" holes at 3' centers installed across upper park and farm grounds.

* No Title 22- Separate water distribution system.


Here at Cole Design Montecito we design devices that capture water from streams, creeks, storm channels, where ever stormwater is running during and after rain events. 

Water functions similar to electricity in that it flows where the least resistance is found. Not rocket science... So after several years of research, combing USGS files and records, and first hand surveys, phot recognizance and patent applications...I sat down and designed what was needed. The results are now in this site. 


I'm back to designing new systems that collect water, and obtaining more patents for my devices that extract water from raging storm channels. Now my inventions and designs create vast quantities of usable water from flooding rivers and channels. We are talking about 50 gallons per second gathered from one device that doesn't require anything more than a small slab to be anchored into the stream bed, and a few hundred feet of pipe.


I'm designing flood and rainwater capture/store/release systems because California needs to preserve local water resources, for our environment, to save energy and preserve our natural world and all it's creatures. Lynx, deer, mountain lions, coyotes, rabbits, wood rats, hundreds of bird species, invertebrates and plant and microbe life all depend on clean, chemical free, bleach free water to maintain health.

These new water systems I've created capture water from streams and channels, store and return water to aquifers, irrigate parks and enhance fish habitats, weeks and months after each rain event. 


                      Cube Device

My patented stormwater diversion cube can safely remove up to 80 gallons per second per cube which means you can get 21 acre feet per day from a raging stream. This is the most efficient and least intrusive and cheapest way to recycle stormwater back to into ground water while keeping riparian habitats healthy. The cube can be easily installed or removed from any creek, stream or channel. Bolted into existing concrete or pour a new 8' x 4' slab. Pipes are run out the side and the captured water is piped out of the channel into storage.  The cube has a set of control cables which are operated from the shore. When the river is flowing adequately, a worker tightens the steel cable and the cube valve closes, diverting stormwater into the pipe system. When water is not needed simply release the cable water now flows straight through the cube, thus not blocking the river or channel. The cube is self cleaning too. If a rock or stick enters the cube it self opens dislodging the material, and then goes back to diverting water to your storage areas. This device makes possible controlled runoff water diversion.

           Water Shortage Solution

    Our cube design provides economical and efficient systems that will save lost rainwater, store it in municipal cisterns and later deliver water back to the aquifer, into parks and back to the streams for fish and other wildlife/botanic enhancement along our creek corridors. Also these systems will aid in satisfying new State requirements for Stormwater capture and recycle systems in California.

    Governments, Large Properties and Estate Owners Benefit


We are currently designing systems for, Manning Park, County of Santa Barbara, Maria Yngacio Creek, SB County, Lotus Land, the Montecito YMCA, Santa Barbara County Parks and other large clients who as yet wish to remain anonymous.

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